Captcha entry work Kolotibablo-Titik Letak

Captcha entry work Kolotibablo


Kolotibablo is a also a captcha entry work website and also include in one of the best online captcha entry work website.

Most important fact in kolotibablo is that the displaying speed of captcha is very fast as compare to megatypers rate are a bit low in kolotibablo.

Captcha displaying on the screen is very high.You can type as many captcha as you want with fast typing speed.

One more thing in kolotibablo site is that you have to be careful while typing captchas because kolotibablo captcha entry inspection  system is very high and they can easily caught a person typing wrong captchas and after three mistakes and warnings they banned the user account

If your account get banned and your earning are greater than 1$ than you can get your payment.

So you should be very carefull while working on kolotibablo.

Kolotibablo Rates:

At night time rate are bit high from 0.40$ per 1000 captcha entries to 0.60$ per 1000 captcha entries.

At day time rates are bit low from 0.35$ per 1000 captcha entries to 0.45$ per 1000 captcha entries.

Kolotibablo Payment Processors (from where you will get payment):

Kolotibablo pay through,paypal,bitcoins,internal transfer,payza,Okay pay USD,Wallet e RUR and QIWI.

If you don,t know about payment processors than please read this article payment processors.

Monthly Earnings Through Kolotibablo:

You can earn upto 100$ to 150$ per month through kolotibablo.As kolotibablo not have any affiliate program than you cannot promote kolotibablo and earn more.

But over all kolotibablo is in second place and even between 1st and 2nd palace in captcha entry world.

Register Id On Kolotibablo:

Just click on the button below.

 Registeration on kolotibablo is simple and easy.And i think there is no need to provide and registration guide for kolotibablo but if you still have any question than please comment below.

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