Best captcha entry work sites-Titik Letak

Best captcha entry work sites

Online free captcha entry jobs this topic have a vast search results in search engines.And a number of people daily searching for online data entry or online captcha entry jobs and majority of them are students.

If you don,t know about what is catcha entry work than please visit our partner website for complete training of catcha entry work.As this is simple and easy.

Here in this post i will provide you best online captcha entry work websites available for any one for free.

 Any one can join and start earning money through these online captcha entry work websites.

Best captcha entry work sites

In captcha entry work typing speed is the first and the basic part.If you have good Typing Speed more than 30 wpm(words per minute) than you earn good income through captcha entry work.

I will share best online captcha entry work websites that are available free for all free to register and start earnings so read the complete post.

1. Megatypers

Megatypers is on of the best online catcha entry work website.Its rates are high and megatypers is 100% real legal and paying captcha entry work website.

You can use software to work on two to three ids at the same time than you can earn more and more.

Megatypers Rates:

Megatypers rates are very high 1$ to 1.50$ per 1000 catcha entries.And these rate are at night but in day time megatypers rates are 0.40$ to 0.60$ per 1000 captcha entries.

Megatypers Payment processors:

Megatypers pay you through Paypal,Payza,Western union,Bitcoin,Webmoney and perfect money.

If you don,t know about Paypal payza webmoney than please read this article Online payment processors.

Monthly Earnings through megatypers:

You can earn 100$ to 200$ easily through megatypers if you work 4 to 5 hours daily on megatypers and you have to work on two to three ids at the same time using a software.

 For using megatypers software you should have a fast typing speed otherwise you will be kickout and get banned.

For practice i will recommend you to visit Than you can earn  100$ to 200$ per month.

You can also earn unlimited earnings through megatypers affiliate program.

Megatypers Affiliates Program:

Megatypers affiliate program is to increase your earnings.You can refer other family members your friends to megatypers through your invitation code and earn 10% commission from megatypers of each referrals earnings when they get paid.

This is very simple and easy as i have 600 + member on megatypers and you can help me to increase this number by registering account on megatypers using any of the below my invitation code.CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ON MEGATYPERS.

How to register id on megatypers:

Click on the below button to register on megatypers.
Register now for megatypers

Megatypers registration complete guide:

Please see the images below.

If you still have any question about megatypers than please comment below.

2. Kolotibablo

Kolotibablo is a also a captcha entry work website and also include in one of the best online captcha entry work website.

Most important fact in kolotibablo is that the displaying speed of captcha is very fast as compare to megatypers rate are a bit low in kolotibablo.

Captcha displaying on the screen is very high.You can type as many captcha as you want with fast typing speed.

One more thing in kolotibablo site is that you have to be careful while typing captchas because kolotibablo captcha entry inspection  system is very high and they can easily caught a person typing wrong captchas and after three mistakes and warnings they banned the user account

If your account get banned and your earning are greater than 1$ than you can get your payment.

So you should be very carefull while working on kolotibablo.

Kolotibablo Rates:

At night time rate are bit high from 0.40$ per 1000 captcha entries to 0.60$ per 1000 captcha entries.

At day time rates are bit low from 0.35$ per 1000 captcha entries to 0.45$ per 1000 captcha entries.

Kolotibablo Payment Processors (from where you will get payment):

Kolotibablo pay through,paypal,bitcoins,internal transfer,payza,Okay pay USD,Wallet e RUR and QIWI.

If you don,t know about payment processors than please read this article payment processors.

Monthly Earnings Through Kolotibablo:

You can earn upto 100$ to 150$ per month through kolotibablo.As kolotibablo not have any affiliate program than you cannot promote kolotibablo and earn more.

But over all kolotibablo is in second place and even between 1st and 2nd palace in captcha entry world.

Register Id On Kolotibablo:

Just click on the button below.

 Registeration on kolotibablo is simple and easy.And i think there is no need to provide and registration guide for kolotibablo but if you still have any question than please comment below.

3. Fasttypers

Fasttypers rates are very high but you need to send scan of you id card utility bills in order to join FastTypers .You can refer this link for further information.

4. CaptchaTypers

CaptchTypers is another best captcha entry work website and it is also free for all to get an admin panel of captchatypers.

As there are many scams are out there asking for fees for getting admin panel of CaptchaTypers but you should not pay any fees to any one as it is free for all.Read the remaining details how you can get admin panel.

CaptchaTyper Rates:

You will get paid 0.80$ to 1.50$ per 1000 image typed.The rates of 0.80$ per 1000 images type is applicable from 9 AM to 9 PM and rates of 1$ per 1000 image type is applicable from 9 PM to 9 AM.

CaptchaTypers Minimum Payout:

CaptchaTypers minimum payout amount is 2$.

CaptchaTypers Payment Processors (from where you will get payments):

CaptchaTypers Pay you trough Perfectmoney and webmoney if you don,t know about payment processors than please read this article payment processor.

Download CaptchaTypers Software for free:

CLICK HERE to download CaptchaTypers Official Software for free.

Monthly Earnings Through CaptchaTypers:

You can earn upto 100$ to 120$ per month through CaptchaTypers.

Get Admin Panel Of CaptchaTypers For Free:

You can get admin panel of CaptchaTypers for free by sending email to you can type in that email that i want an admin panel kindly give admin panel so i can start work on CaptchaTypers.

5. Protypers

Protypers is same as megatypers you can read the whole details in the top of this post.

CLICK HERE to register id on protypers.

If this post is helpful for you than please share it with your friends.If you need any further help than please comment below on this post.

Also for details on other remaining captcha entry work servers will be publish here soon.


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