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Solar Power for Homes:

With cost of living going up every day, it’s time to change things & become aware about the efficient usage of our natural & earthly resources. As the cost of electricity is boosting, let us now think to make use of solar energy for homes. Since Sun will come up daily, it will keep our solar appliances getting charged and remain fully charged and when it’s winter season or raining days and Sun veils away, still it would be better enough to get all the way through till next dawn or so, otherwise we can make use of regular power as backup.
When in general talking about that why I require using electricity formed by solar energy for my home, you would also consider that every appliance that is functional with the help of electricity will be bringing into play solar power electricity. If you want that every appliance in your house run on solar power then you will require solar panels, solar grid-tie, Inverter or charger and Battery.
Solar Energy System

Why We Use Solar Power for Homes?

When deciding for being solar, every home owner will have their individual precise grounds for making use of solar energy for home, but the maximum of the home owners can be classified into 3 main categories –
  1. Environmental Impact
  2. Financial Benefits
  3. Energy Independence
Comprehending why solar energy usage is vital for you will assist you to develop a solar energy plan that can fetch your solar visualization to existence.

1. Environmental Impact:

Many home owners make up their mind to use solar energy just because of the positive impact it gives to our environment. Global warming and climatic alterations are some major problems which the world is facing now a day… and you can be a fraction of the way out by captivating benefits of solar energy!
Not like fossil fuels, solar energy does not bring into being the injurious pollutants liable for raising the greenhouse effect which directs to global warming. Solar energy is a fresh and prolong energy source that you can bring into play for solar heating, solar electricity, solar lighting and solar cooling. By making use of solar energy, you –
  • Will decrease your carbon footstep,
  • Can experience a satisfaction about being an environment friendly responsible citizen.

2. Financial Benefits:

An additional key reason for home owners bearing in mind solar energy is the monetary feature. The financial gains of solar energy can be observed in condensed utility expenditures as you bring into play solar energy for electricity, cooling, lighting and heating. Additionally, by sinking your domestic operating expenditures you are also escalating the rates of your residence.  As you can witness, captivating benefits of solar economics will –
  • Save you a lot of funds in present as well in future,
  • Endow you with a sturdy investment for your upcoming future.
Solar energy to save the money

3. Energy Independence:

A final answer to the query “Why make use of solar energy” is the energy freedom it will provide you.
By bringing into play solar energy, you will decrease your reliance on the utility firms. You no more require having electricity supplies to your residence as you will be capable to manufacture your individual solar power electricity. Solar expertise will also liberate you from making use of customary energy supplies for heating as well as for cooling, etc. All of this implies you will at last be liberated from increasing utility prices & bills!
Solar energy also provides you a plane of dependability and safety that other energy resources cannot counterpart. When your neighbors do not have electric power owing to an outage, you would not be concerned as your residence produces its individual electricity and heat (this is also acknowledged as micro generation). Additionally to the individual safety you will get free from your neighboring utility firms, you will also facilitate to eradicate our dependence to overseas energy manufacturers which, in present day’s world, is dangerous for national safety.
Solar Energy for Home

Solar Energy (Solar Panel) Installation for Home:

Installing a photovoltaic (solar or PV) power structure is an awesome technique of imprisoning the Sun’s vast solar energy to produce electricity for our individual homes. Once your solar system is fitted properly, it will facilitate you to lessen your electrical energy bills and together with will lend out your hand to keep your environment clean & green. Solar power arrangements are also low at maintenance and can boost the cost of your home.
Solar power systems can be coupled to the main electricity network or can be set up as a separate structure. If you attach solar power system to the main grid you still have to pay an electricity bill. If you are yet utilizing some electricity from the main electricity network, think about purchasing Green Power so that your residence electricity supplies are fulfilled from renewable resources. If you get installed a solar power system at residence, you might be entitled to obtain renewable power benefits in the outline of STCs (Small-scale Technology Certificates).

How to Install Solar Energy Systems:

  1. Find out where the installation of your solar panels will be appropriate. To get the maximum out of the solar energy system, you are required to maximize their exposure to the Sunlight so that they may get direct as well as maximum daylight all year round.
  2. Make certain that all your solar panels are mounted on a rafter.
  3. Fasten the solar panel mounts to the roof with sturdy lag bolts. Position mounts in such a manner that solar panels will have a minimum of three inches of air-flow underneath them. This checks the system from getting overheated.
  4. Fix metal flashing above the solar panel mounts to evade leakages. Fasten the metal bars to the mounts with steel screws.
  5. Fix the solar panels above the metal bars. Unlock the connection box on each & every solar panel and attach the boxes by uniting their cables collectively on the suitable terminal bolts. The cables will keep the panels together in series. Run the cable on the very last solar panel to the charging controller for the solar panel unit.
Once your system is installed successfully, set up the final inspection and here you solar energy is ready to be used. So, it is actually an easy and uncomplicated course of action. The only significant point to make a note of is that you should bring into play a MCS licensed solar power systems in order to avail the benefits and grants. That’s a compulsory condition.
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