Types of Capacitors-Titik Letak-Titik Letak

Types of Capacitors:

There are different types of capacitors that are available in the market. The factor by which capacitors differs, is the type of dielectric used in the capacitor's construction. The common types of capacitor are ceramic capacitors, electrolytic (that includes Aluminium capacitors, Tantalum capacitors and Niobium capacitors) capacitors, paper capacitors, mica capacitors, plastic film capacitors, etc.

Factors by which Capacitors varies from each other:

The characteristics and applications varies from one type of capacitor to other. Following are the few factors by which capacitors varies from each others.

  1. Size: Every capacitor has its own physical dimension and the size.
  2. Voltage Rating: Voltage rating is also different for different capacitors. It shows the maximum voltage that is applied across the capacitor.
  3. Leakage Current: The small amount of electric current that flows through dielectric, is called leakage current. Its value depends upon which type of dielectric is used in capacitor.
  4. Equivalent series resistance: The two terminals of the capacitor have a minor resistance (that is usually less than 0.1Ω). This resistance is used to determine the capacitor to be placed in the circuit.
The different types of the capacitors are as follows:

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