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Silver Mica Capacitor:

Silver Mica Capacitors are the type of capacitors that are produced using keeping a flimsy layer of silver on a mica material as its dielectric.The purpose behind the utilization of silver mica capacitors is that their superior performance contrasted with some other kind of capacitors. 

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Silver Mica Capacitor
Silver mica capacitors can be gotten with the resistance of +/ - 1%. This is vastly improved capacitor than whatever other sort of capacitor in today's business sector. The temperature co-efficient of these capacitors is vastly improved with respect to the other types of capacitors. Also, this value is sure and it is typically in the locale of 35 to 75 ppm/C, with a normal estimation of +50 ppm/C. Capacitance values for silver mica capacitors are ordinarily in between a couple of pico-farads to 3300 pico - farads. Silver mica capacitors have large amounts of Q and also have little power variables. The silver mica capacitors have the voltage range between 100V to 1000V. 

Silver mica capacitors are utilized as a part of RF oscillators. The silver mica capacitors are not utilized as a part of coupling and decoupling applications in light, of their high cost. Because of their size, cost and furthermore the enhancements in other types of capacitors these are not utilized in these days.

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