Polycarbonate Capacitors - Introduction-Titik Letak-Titik Letak

Polycarbonate Capacitors:

Polycarbonate capacitors are those capacitors that have a polycarbonate material as its dielectric. These sorts of capacitors are accessible inside of the capacitance scope of 100pF to 10µF and have the voltage rating up to 400V DC. These polycarbonate capacitors can work with a temperature scope of - 55°C to +125°C without de-rating. 

Polycarbonate Capacitors
Polycarbonate Capacitors
These capacitors have great temperature coefficients, because of these reason polycarbonate capacitors are ideal. These capacitors are not utilized as a part of the high-precise applications in light of their high resistance levels of 5% to 10%. The polycarbonate capacitors are likewise utilized for AC applications. Some of the time they are additionally found in exchanging power supplies.

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