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Film Capacitor:

Film capacitors are the most generally utilized sort of capacitors among a wide range of capacitors which have the distinction in their dielectric properties.Film capacitors are the capacitors with a protecting plastic film as its dielectric material and these type of capacitors are non-polarized capacitors. The dielectric materials for these capacitors are existed as a slight layer which is furnished with metallic cathodes and it is wounded into a round and hollow cylindrical-type winding. The both anodes of film capacitors might be zinc or metalized aluminum. 

The fundamental point of interest of film capacitor is immediate association between its inner development and its cathodes on both closures of the winding. This immediate contact with cathodes causes to keep every single current way to end up short. This design carries on like number of individual capacitors associated in parallel. Furthermore this sort of capacitors structure results in low ohmic factor losses and the low values of inductance. These film capacitors are utilized as a part of AC influence applications furthermore utilized as a part of the high frequency system applications. 

A portion of the cases of plastic films which are utilized as dielectric for the film capacitors are different materials like Polypropylene, Polyphenylene, Polyethylene naphthalate, Polyestersulfideand Polytetrafluoroethylene. Film sort capacitors are in the business sector with capacitance value ranges from 5pF to 100uF. Film capacitors additionally accessible in various shapes and diverse styles which incorporate,

  • Wrap and Fill (Oval and Round): In this sort the capacitor closures are fixed with epoxy and the capacitor is wrapped in a tight plastic tape. 
  • Epoxy Case (Rectangular and Round): In this sort capacitors are encased in a shaped plastic shell and it is loaded with epoxy. 
  • Metal Hermetically Sealed (Rectangular and Round): These sorts of capacitors are encased in a metal tube or can, and fixed with epoxy. 

In present days the most importantly case style capacitors are accessible in both the sorts Radial and Axial Leads. The principle point of preference of the plastic film capacitors is that, they work well and great at high temperatures when contrasted with other paper sorts. These capacitors have little tolerance, high unwavering quality and also they have long working life. Cases of film sort capacitors are round and hollow film, rectangular metalized film and type of film sorts. They are given underneath.

Foil type film capacitors:

Foil type film capacitor
Foil Type Film Capacitor

Axial Lead Type:

Axial lead type capacitor
Axial Lead Type Capacitor

Radial Lead Type:

Radical lead type capacitor
Radical Lead Type Capacitor

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